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Diffusion is a quarterly gathering of the metaverse community, featuring conversations with Web3 visionaries and the next wave of builders.

Next edition: 12 January 2023 (13:30 – 15:40 GMT; 8:30 – 10:40 EST)

*Diffusion is free of charge to attend.

Building the open metaverse

Join us to explore some of the most exciting emerging elements of the Web 3 ecosystem, innovations in – DeFi, Luxury Fashion, Commerce, NFTs, Virtual Worlds, Gaming, and beyond.

Whether you’re a founder, investor, developer or just have an interest in the space, we invite you to hear from our latest cohorts of founders, builders, and the many minds working together to support the growth of the Open Metaverse.


Join pitches, live Q&A and talks from a range of industry experts…

On January 12 (13:30 – 15:40 GMT; 8:00 – 10:40 EST) Diffusion will be broadcast on Lemonade, Twitter, and YouTube. Join us to hear discussions on key themes in the Web3 space with special guests and a fast-paced introduction to the 30 Outlier startups that we’ve welcomed to the network in the past four months.

The event will also involve insight from leaders in Web3 where we’ll be discussing prominent and timely themes in the Web3 space, with this being an opportunity to get to know the wider Outlier network.

A look ahead at January 12

13:30 GMT (8:30 EST) Introduction

Join Outlier Ventures Chief Operating Officer Nathalie Oestmann and Chief Product Officer Benjamin Meyer for an overview of the space and a look ahead at the day.

13:45- 14:15 GMT (8:45 – 9:15 EST) – Fireside Chat

When you believe that impossible is nothing, how do you enter the Metaverse?

Jamie Burke, CEO of Outlier Ventures will be joined by Erika Wykes-Sneyd, VP of adidas /// studio for a discussion around how adidas is embracing Web3, the importance of community and their focus for 2023.

14:15 – 15:00 GMT (09:15-10:00 EST) – Get to know our Outliers

Catch a short elevator pitch from the 32 best teams building in the open metaverse. To see more about which teams will be presenting, check out the full list at the bottom.

15:00 GMT – 15:40 GMT (10:00 – 10:40 EST) – Building in Web3: navigating new frontiers for founders

Esther O’Callaghan – Founder –
Chia Jeng Yang – Web3 VC at Pantera Capital & Forbes 30 Under 30
Carol Hilsum – Senior Director of Product Innovation at FARFETCH

The panel will be hosted by Des Martin, Chief Marketing Officer at Outlier Ventures



VP of adidas /// studio


Senior Director of Product Innovation at FARFETCH


Web3 VC at Pantera Capital & Forbes 30 Under 30


Founder of


Outlier Ventures CPO


Outlier Ventures CEO and Founder


Outlier Ventures COO


Outlier Ventures CMO


Outlier Ventures is proud to present the 30 teams that we are accelerating this season. The teams are split across 5 Base Camp accelerator programs in partnership with FARFETCH, The HBAR Foundation, Protocol Labs and Polkadot. We have hand selected the best start-ups from over 1000 applications, to accelerate the teams that are shaping the future of the Open Metaverse OS.

We view the recent downturn in the web3 market as an opportunity for builders to focus their efforts on stress-testing and building resilient projects that can withstand future cycles.

FARFETCH Dream Assembly Base Camp

In our very first collaboration with FARFETCH, Dream Assembly Base Camp will provide a cohort of the most promising Web3 startups in the luxury fashion and lifestyle sectors with a curated program of mentorship, networking and support in order to help drive the future of Web3 luxury commerce.

De-Fi New Order Base camp

This is the second cohort of our DeFi accelerator, run in partnership with New Order DAO. Outlier has handpicked six teams from over 300 applicants, each of these teams are building in the DeFi space to bring solutions to the masses.

Hedera Base Camp

We continue our partnership with The HBAR Foundation to launch seven more teams into the Metaverse this quarter and build in the Hedera ecosystem. We have witnessed the ecosystem gain momentum with web2 and enterprise giants, and accordingly aim to further develop the infrastructure, services and platforms available in the space.

IPFS Open Metaverse Base Camp

In partnership with Protocol labs we are launching another six teams through the IPFS Open Metaverse Base Camp, with teams covering the European region and Africa. The cohort is made up of teams that follow our vision to build a more open and interoperable Metaverse, leveraging IPFS, creating the backbone of the Open Metaverse.

Polkadot Base Camp

The third cohort to join us this quarter is the Polkadot Base Camp, in partnership with Polkadot. We have cherry-picked four teams that will enrich the Polkadot ecosystem through building on DAO tooling, payment infrastructure, ESG betterment and decentralized health systems!

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